Output: Seasonal temperature map

The color map to the left shows a typical annual temperature cycle in time-depth coordinates. A left-click somewhere in the plot will call the script calculating the vertical temperature profile on the corresponding day of the year.

Modify the model input

...or look at further results:

Surface/Bottom Temperature Evolution
Ice History And Heat Flux From The Lake Sediments
Heat Fluxes at The Lake Surface

You can look at the numeric model results by clicking the button at the very bottom of the page. The text file will be shown that can be saved locally by using "Save As.." command from your brouser menu. The file format is explained here.

More information:

Short description of FLake-Global

FLake model home

Model Input: Lake parameters
I. Enter lake coordinates:Lat (-90..90):Lon (-180..180):
or choose location by a singe left-click on the map
II. Provide the mean depth of the lake: metres
III. Choose the water type:

To run the model with another input:

Enter lake parameters in the panel to the left:
  1. latitude and longitude of the lake (full degrees)
  2. mean lake depth (not the maximum one!)
  3. an estimation of the water transparency
Press (Re)calculate to start the model
Typical calculation time is 10-30s (it takes longer for deeper lakes)

Searching for the location/depth of a certain lake?

try following links :

More information:

Water Temperature

Mixed Layer Depth

Water Temperature Mixed Layer Depth

Ice Thickness

Water-Sediment Heat Flux

Ice Thickness Bottom heat flux

Surface Fluxes

Surface Fluxes I FLux